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As the new year was approaching I began to take a look at my business I decided to make some changes.  The first of them being that the blog has now moved.  If you’re looking for updates, interesting stories about my life and thoughts, totally awesome pictures, and information on specials then you’ll want to go on over to and be sure to subscribe.

Thanks for hopping over there and following me.  Also, there’s a special for those newly engaged couples coming tomorrow so be sure to check it out or pass the word along.  See you at the new blog and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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11.29.11 & Me & You

Let’s just go ahead and get it out of the way…It’s my birthday today and I’m 33.  It’s strange how each birthday can take on it’s one character.  I loved my 13th birthday fondu surprise party and the repeat at 21 but with alcohol.  Somehow the 20’s seem like a fuzzy memory.  30 was fun and no big deal but I had a great party with the very important people in my life.  31 was a bit sad because well, now I was IN my 30’s.  32 came and went and now 33 I’m feeling a bit introspective.

These thoughts all began when I attended a recent memorial service for a very Godly man.  The service began with a slideshow of Ray’s life.  As my eyes focused on a photo of him praying over an African woman lying on a stretcher I began to cry and asked myself, “What am I doing?  What difference do I make in other’s lives?”  I listened as people told stories of how Mr. Walls made them feel safe enough to allow themselves to heal from past hurts.  You see, Ray made a difference by giving his life way and investing in the lives of people all over this blue and green ball we call home.  What do I do to give my life away?  I left that service grateful for having known such an amazing man and challenged to change my life.

Then, as my folks and I watched a corny Christmas movie over Chinese takeout I was struck again with this idea of, “What am I doing with my life to help others?”  In this movie a little girl had cancer and her dad wasn’t sure she’d live to see another Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.  He began trying to move the holidays forward so she could enjoy them.  The town rallied and made that happen for her…don’t worry, she lived.  But as I watched I wished I could somehow step out of my life and watch it from afar…like a movie…to see if I helped better other people’s lives.

As we drove to Savannah for Thanksgiving we listened to my new birthday CD from my awesome sister (yes, I open birthday presents early).  I was learning the foreign words and enjoying the new tune when these 4 words hit me.  “We’re here for You”.  Yes, I’m here to worship and glorify an amazing God, but what do I do to show other people that HE is here for THEM through ME?

Awhile back I wrote a declaration of how I want my life to look by living my passions.  In that proclamation I help people and I make a difference.  When I think about it’s beautiful and it feels like me.  I get excited to see those things happen but I let life get in the way.  I let work take over and I neglect relationships with the people I love.  I walk by the people in need because, well I’m busy and I have list of umpteen things that need to be crossed off.  So now, IT’S TIME!  It’s time to close the computer, read that declaration, call those things forth in my life, and look at this world and begin to make a difference.  I do it not for me but the people who need to know HE is there for THEM.  I do it so that other’s lives can be better and I do it so people can heal.  I do it so that when I have my “going home party” (and it better be a party) people will leave challenged to make a difference and make this beautiful world even more gorgeous through their love.

So, today I’m 33.  I realize it’s never to late to begin to make a difference.  Whether your 15 or 99 we all have something to give, we were all put here for a reason, so go out there and give it away to make someone else’s life better.  I think 33 is going to be a pretty AWESOME year.

Surprise birthday flowers from my totally sweet, awesome, adorable, thoughtful boyfriend who wants to give his life away too to make the lives of others better.

Until next time…

Oh, and for all your flower needs GO TO LIZ STEWART!!!!!!! (no, we’re not related but she’s the bomb!)


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Holiday Print Sale

When you go to purchase your prints at check out enter the coupon code “Thankful” to get your 10% off.

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Seriously!?, Round Two

A while back I wrote about how I was longing to come out from behind others view of the world and allow my own creativity to emerge. One of the ways that took shape was with the great opportunity to shoot ANOTHER spread and cover shot for Jacksonville Luxury Living Magazine.  Well, it was a great shoot, made me push myself, and I’m proud of what we got.  Here’s the cover!  Be sure to go pick up your copy of the magazine and check out all the bling!

A big thank you to Kathryn Perlmutter (for the opportunity), Cabeth Cornelius (for the design), Underwoods Jewelry (for the bling), and Shea Hopely (for the flowers).

Until next time…


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You Can Breathe Now…

because this is the one you’ve been waiting for!  On July 29th I signed over my first born to the mortgage company.  After searching for about 2 years I finally found the house that felt like home and that didn’t scare me to purchase.  Well, I lie, I was still scared to death but so ready for the shopping process to be over and to have a place to call my own and I could see the potential and wanted it to be mine.

When mom first showed me the pictures of this house I was like, “That’s ugly”.  I hate the color and the front is kind of blah.  But, trying to keep an open mind I went and saw it and there were some quirky things about it but I had ideas and plans that would make those quirks quite right for me.  It’s still not perfect and the quirks remain but with time, MONEY, and a little or a lot of elbow grease they’ll be the areas that make the house shine.  So with no further adu my new home and the transformation it’s gone under thus far!

My Sanctuary.  That horrible beach scene wallpaper was removed right away.  A little paint, hardwood floors, and French doors made a world of difference.

Another view.  The cats love the sunporch off of my room.

The cozy living room.  I think this room was the worst.  Ugly linoleum and wait until you see the wall of bookshelves…

Yuck to so much better!  I loved the bookshelves but not made of stained plywood.  A fresh coat of paint made a world of difference. And I bought myself a big screen TV and I’m loving it!  I so can’t wait for it to get cold enough so I can use my fireplace and decorate for Christmas.

Pass through into kitchen.  We extended the counter to create a bar and that made the kitchen feel so much bigger.

My mom tiled the kitchen countertops and we painted.

The guest room was just boring with carpet (EW).  A new floor and furnishing made it all cozy and it gets the best light in the whole house.  Anybody want to come visit?

I have big plans for the garage and that work just might begin after the holidays.  Of course I can’t wait to paint the exterior and do some landscaping in the front and back.  Once those things are accomplished there will be more photos.  Thanks to all who supported me in the search for my new home.  I LOVE IT!


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Arrows and Targets

My life is made up of many arrows being shot at many targets – work, relationships, business, family, creativity, exercise, house keeping, trying to relax and such.  Every day I look down the list of things to do and shoot the arrows one at a time and STRIKE one more target has been bullseyed (yes, I just made up a word).  Things go along as normal with my mind on the list and the goal to get things marked off as efficiently as possible.   Then slowly or sometimes quickly things begin to change – all the arrows or my thoughts seem to be focused on one thing.  Sometimes the change is welcome and exciting, other times it’s scary and nerve racking, and then there are those times that I feel a mixture – nervous excitement.

As of late my thoughts have been turning their aim to one thing – my creativity and pushing myself.  I don’t ever want to get into a routine of the way I shoot a session or a wedding.  Yes, there are some go to poses and spots that I just love, but I ultimately want to be myself, be creative, and push the boundaries.  I’ve been longing for the days of high school and college drawing, painting, pottery, and photography classes where I did art because it was an outlet to express myself.  Making myself logoff other blogs, put down the books full of yummy photographs, stop “pinning” other people’s gorgeous photos, and make myself shoot what and how I see is scary.  I’ve often said that I believe it is sometimes hard for artists to show their work because it’s like a window into themselves (I would say their soul but that sounds a bit too deep).  I feel like when someone looks at my art they aren’t just judging the work they’re judging me because that piece came from within, the way I see, the way I feel.  I have to remind myself that God made me for a reason and that He put His creative eye in me.  He made me to give a piece of myself to make the world more beautiful.  Not everyone will see my work and go AW!!, but some just might and be moved by the way I see this beautiful green and blue ball.  So why should I hide behind what everyone else is doing when I should be making my own mark on the world?  I know I only find joy in being who I was made to be.

Along with these thoughts I’ve been pondering over some ideas on how to bring that creativity back and allow myself to let lose. One thought was that I’d love to begin shooting film.  I really don’t know where to begin on the “antiquated” film thing, but it just so happened that as I scanned my Facebook wall a post by Jill Thomas Photography popped out at me.  She was talking about a book for digital photographers who want to learn film. Can we say CONFIRMATION!  I’m getting it for sure and I’ve already picked up my film camera.  I so cannot wait to take an afternoon to shoot my first roll of film.  I’m most excited about the thing greatest I hated about film…the not knowing what you’re getting.  The mystery is intriguing me and I’ve got to get to it.  I’m so ready to get my creative juices flowing again and allow myself to be me…to express myself through my art.

Then while my mind was focused on the bullseye of creativity I got an email from a magazine asking if I’d be interested in doing their holiday shoot for them.  Hello opportunity to be creative!  I still can’t believe how amazed I get when my thoughts and God’s thoughts begin to align and I see Him moving in my life.  This last week has just been a huge reminder that I’m on the right track, I’m loved by a beautiful creator who made me perfect in His eyes, and the sky is the limit.

So I write all of this to say, I’m super excited about what is happening in my life and I can’t wait to share with you the things to come.  Always remember to be yourself, push yourself to realize the dreams you’ve dreamed, and know that you’re loved by a beautiful Creator.

Because every post is better with a picture…here’s one of me at work.  Thanks to Steph Owens for second shooting and taking this photo.

Until next time…


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BG & Lisa Before They Were Mr. & Mrs.

BG & Lisa were a dream to photograph.  They have great chemistry and just have so much fun being together.  They had some great ideas of things to incorporate in their shoot…things that make them who they are.  Enjoy their story…

Love their hugs!

They love their pooch.

Aren’t they good looking!

BG proposed while they were kayaking.  How sweet and romantic is that!


So, when BG opened his trunk he had this amazing system rigged up where he could lay out all of his fishing rods for easy access – you know for when you need to pull over because the fishing looks good.  A true man.

Absolutley love cruisin’.

I’m happy to say that BG and Lisa will always be near and dear to me because it was with them and these “LOVE” beers (how cute are they!) that I received my first warning from the law!  It sure did make for great laughs on the wedding day.

BG & Lisa, I had such a wonderful time with you guys and your session is still one of my favorites.  We’ll have to grab another one of those beers when we can enjoy the whole thing.  Haha!

Until later…


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